GNSS Dead Reckoning — Sensor Fusion Filter not necessary?

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My question might be a bit off-topic but I don’t know where else to ask.

When I do have a GNSS Module with integrated IMU and Dead Reckoning, for example, the Ublox ZED – F9K.

Does it still make sense to use a Filter for fusing GNSS and IMU / Odometry data or is that not necessary as the Module is handling that for me?

Or will the Dead Reckoning just enhance the precision after applying a Filter even more?imusensor-fusionfilterdead-reckoninggnssshareedit  follow  flag asked 14 hours agoStrohhut11133 bronze badges

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Is it necessary to use any filter to fuse Ublox ZED-F9K’s GNSS and IMU/Odometry data?


My answer is NO, for the following reasons:

(1) GNSS and IMU are independently developed modules with matured software. It is unlikely for the vendor to “fuse” them at the hardware level. A more efficient method is to let the MCU/SBC to talk to either or both guys using I2C, or UART and I2C.

(2) uBlox uCenter uses very simple, text based NMEA0183 protocol, and update rate is of the order of 25Hz, so the user can easily pass the slow GNSS data to IMU for processing.shareeditdeleteflag answered just nowtlfong0110111 bronze badge New contributoradd a comment

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