I am an electronics hobbyist.

I started my electronics hobby some ten years ago when Lehman Brothers inspired me that making money is not a good idea. So I switched to electropnics DIY. At that time I first heard about Arduino and I bought my first Arduino Decimilla and enjoyed playing with it. Five years happily passed and I heard about Raspberry Pi. I started Rpi and happily playing with it ever since.

These years I have been using Google to find help solving any problem. I also joined a couple of electronics, Arduino, Rpi, StackOverFlow/StackExchange, Q&A and forums to ask and also help answering questions.

One problem I found using the forums is that the posters there often asked very short questions and expect very short answers quickly. I am a long winded guy and hope to know more about the background and details of a question and also about the knowledge and skills of the poster, before I can give an answer as short as possible, but as long as required.

Often when I find a question interesting, I would google and do some research, experiments and programming myself, to make sure I know the question well and my proposed answer is really OK, before trying to help.

To make my forum answers short but can lengthen if required, I am thinking of setting up a dedicated blog site showing my experiments and electronics DIY projects. Then I can give a short answer to the original poster, with a link to the relevant experiments I have done in the blog site, in case more details is required.