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隧道二极管的特性参数及电路 2010年08月09日 18:03 本站整理 作者:佚名 用户评论(0)关键字:隧道二极管(4) 由于隧道二极管的脉冲电路,结构简单,变化速度快,功耗小,因此在高速脉冲技术中得到广泛的应用,可以用隧道二极管构成双稳电路,单稳电路,多谐振荡电路,以及用作整形和分频电路等。 隧道二极管的特性参数及电路 – 佚名 2010年08月09日 一、隧道二极管的伏安特性及其参数 隧道二极管的伏安特性[见图一(a)]是一条S型特性曲线。曲线中最大电流点P,称为峰点;最小电流点V,称为谷点,隧道二极管的主要参数: (1)峰点电压 Up,约几十毫伏,谷点电压 Uv,约几百毫伏 (2)峰点电流 Ipi,约几毫安,谷点电流 Iv 约几百微安 (3)峰谷电流比,约为 5-6,越大越好 (4)谷点电容Cv,几微法至几十微法,越小越好, 国产 2BS4A: Up = 80毫伏,Ip=4毫安,峰谷电流比 ≥ 5,Cv = 10~15 微法,Uv = […]   01 Introduction   02 Semiconductors I – Intrinsic   03 Semiconductors II-Doped; transport   04 P-n junction basics   05 Reverse biased junction & breakdown   06 Diode rectifier, p-n […]

Tunnel Diode Discussion

(2) Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 on sale now from $25 – Eben Upton, 155 comments… (3) Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 – 1GB RAM SKU 102991380 – Seeedstudio, US$…(removed)(4) Raspberry […]

tlfong01Nov 4, 10:08Flash globally ending by 2020 – In July 2017, Adobe announced its intention to discontinue Flash (including security updates) altogether by the year 2020. tlfong014886Nov 4, 10:18To attract readers, you must include […]

tunnel diode notes

tlfong014878Nov 2, 17:26Before I go, let me comment on your Q&A: Circuit Phenomena Have Dual versions – Cyril Mechkov, Technical University of Sofia, 2013jul07,….You said the following: “Circuit phenomena have dual versions: […]

Wonders of Electronics

By Daily Excelsior -22/11/2020 Share Wonders of Electronics By Daily Excelsior -22/11/2020 Share Dr Vishal Sharma “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” – Albert Einstein Electronics is a simple word but […]

How to plot the I-V curve of a tunnel diode? +3−1 I am trying to understand tunnel diodes by experimenting with them. Research tells me they can have negative resistance, and can […]