Month: October 2020

that-ben relay motor notes

How to protect GPIO from back current? Diode? [closed] Ask QuestionAsked 3 months agoActive 2 months agoViewed 229 times2Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so […]

hx711 references

hx711 references hx711 references (using bogde library, no answer) (good schematic) (three wire loadcell) (wrong wiring) (good explanation of module inside) (simutaneous reading, […]

tlfong014766Mon 18:04Next is to run the demo program using Thonny IDE. There is no real hx711 module in hand. So I just did a fake run. So far so good.(removed) So far […]

hx711 discussion notes

Now, my programming notes:HX711 Summary Notes for programming and debugging V0.2 tlfong01 2020oct26hkt1611 (1) ***Analog Inputs*** Channel A differential input is designed to interface directly with a bridge sensor’s differential output. It […]

PIR discussion notes

Is it possible to decrease the power to a PIR sensor either through downgrading or programmatically? Ask QuestionAsked todayActive todayViewed 11 times1 I recently purchased and configured two motion sensors on a Raspberry Pi 3B […]