Dupont wire connectors

Dupont wire connection sensitivity

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I’m at my wit’s end trying to figure out methods to separate Dupont wires.

I ordered an 8 pin SOIC clip from eBay. Due to low funds I had to opt for the cheapest alternative. It arrived along with a 40 bundle of Dupont wires.

Initially, after attempting to connect the Dupont wires to the clip, I noticed that the Dupont connector is too large for the clip (4 connectors to a side) to fit all 4 sides of the clip. After stripping the clip’s plastic fitting out of it to a barebones wire with the metallic adapter it fits.

Will the Dupont wire connector as a barebones metallic adapter short out my chip if I use it to connect it to a Raspberyy Pi?

I’m trying to get it to a state where I can reprogram the chip with my Raspberry Pi without shorting it.

Would using paper in between be sufficient to stop it from frying? Nothing else will fit to separate it unless there is an alternative I could do with household items. There really isn’t any alternatives for me as I can’t afford a “Pomona” clip due to their expensive pricing.powerShareCiteEditFollowFlagedited 9 hours agoJRE46.3k88 gold badges7474 silver badges125125 bronze badgesasked 9 hours agom3troidman1111 bronze badge New contributor

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Anything that is an insulator will work. Paper is about as inexpensive as you can get.

I will attempt to describe in words what I might do.

Cut a strip of paper that is somewhat taller than the bare part of the pins. Zig-zag the paper between the pins. Take the free ends of the paper strip and wrap around the full row of pins. Tape in place.ShareCiteEditFollowFlaganswered 9 hours agoDwayne Reid21.7k22 gold badges2828 silver badges6262 bronze badgesAdd a comment

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