What kind of a sensor does a arcade punch (boxing) machine have?

What kind of a sensor does a arcade punch (boxing) machine have?

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I am working on a project, where I have to measure the pressure exerted by a punch. I am trying to understand how an arcade machine works, and see if I could replicate the same mechanism in my project.

Additionally, I would like for the sensor to be in the punch-bag itself, which is different from an arcade machine. (They have the sensor directly on the back of the machine.)load-cellstrain-gagepressureShareEditFollowFlagedited 4 hours agoTransistor133k1010 gold badges137137 silver badges305305 bronze badgesasked 4 hours agohegemon83366 bronze badges

  • I’m not sure but, an accelerometer maybe? The higher the punch pressure, the higher the moving speed (thus acceleration for a static object). – Rohat Kılıç 4 hours ago
  • There are a number of ways to do this. You need to be able to measure the acceleration of the object struck and there is a lot of danger in hitting something that doesn’t move, which is probably why the ones I’ve seen use a pendulum. As long as you can measure the acceleration to an adequate accuracy, the pendulum formulas are pretty easy to figure out based on the mass of the pendulum, so you can calibrate it initially, but you would need a known striking force to calibrate it with to get real accuracy. – K H 4 hours ago
  • What kind of acclerometers would they have used in the past though? Haven’t arcade boxing machines existed a lot longer than consumer MEMS accelerometers? Would they have really used an accelerometers and not just a spring centered mass connected to what is basically a joystick-like mechanism? – DKNguyen 4 hours ago 
  • I know home use body weight balance has 4 HX711 pressure sensors on its four corners. Perhaps we can put say, 20 HX711s inside the bag, and use WiFi controller ESP32 to send report to Tarzan and Mike Tyson youtube.com/watch?v=JvdJ9cfJAfI. – tlfong01 4 hours ago   
  • I don’t believe they use MEMS. Because of the ease of calibration you could use simple position measurement with most of the arcade assemblies and make it more robust to impact than those MEMS modules look to me. You have to decide how to interpret the acceleration too. You’ll get different acceleration curves with a fast jab compared to a punch with a follow through. – K H 3 hours ago
  • I’m not sure exactly what they use, but I built my own punchbag project for my boxing training. I used an FSR (force sensitive resistor) underneath a few layers of padding. That worked well for me and could work in your project – MCG 2 hours ago

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