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how to connect the solenoid valve and pump using a relay

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I’m making a vertical farm with two pots for automatic watering. so I used two solenoid valves for which pot conditions would need water later. The following components that I use:

enter image description here

this is automatic water pump on/off. but i think the orthopedic pump doesn’t work, because once I close the outlet, the pump stays on.

enter image description here

this is solenoid valve 12v. and I use a 4 channel relay.

enter image description here

I tried using this circuit, but I was confused because there was no water pump.

so I discussed with my friend, and he used this series. 

but when I try my friends circuit, when I plug in the adapter, the pump starts immediately. even though the command hasn’t been executed. and when I run, the relay lights are on and the solenoid doesn’t work. so what should I do? I’ve been stuck a week doing this, please help me. and thankyou before..relayshareedit  follow  close 3flag asked 2 hours agoyolana1 New contributor

  • 1This Question does not seem to be about the Pi. Even if people were prepared to answer pictures og compinents are useless – you need specifications. One comment I can make from the pictures is you appear to be using one of the (poorly-designed) relay modules on the market – they seem to infect ebay! They may work with Arduino (and TTL logic) BUT ARE A LOUSY DESIGN even for that purpose and totally unsuitable for the Pi. – Milliways 1 hour ago
  • 1Hi @yolana, Welcome and nice to meet you. Ah, let me see. You are talking three things at the same time: (1) Relay, (2) Solenoid valve, (3) Pump. I think your project is big and complicated, at least for newbies. I would suggest to eat the big elephant bite by bite, say three bytes. I would suggest to start with the bite: the relay which seems not working OK with the solenoid. If you agree to start with the relay, perhaps you can give us the link for your 4 channel relay. – tlfong01 1 hour ago   
  • Start with one piece at a time get your relay to turn on and off (it will click) the circuit needed is as simple as flashing an led. Then connect the pump and then the lights. This will not only simplify the problem but will aid in searching for a solution that is nearly turnkey. Once you get all the pieces working individually then you can work on combining the parts to complete the final product. – Steve Robillard 1 hour ago
  • In case you have little idea about 4 channel relays, I would recommend you to read the following article: “Everything You Need To Set Up Raspberry Pi Home Automation (starting off with a 4 channel relay) – Don Reisinger, Forbes 2018Jul12 forbes.com/sites/forbes-personal-shopper/2018/07/12/…. There are many kinds of relays and the one you have in hand may not be exactly the same as recommended by “Forbes Finds”. But it is a good idea to first get a rough picture of Rpi compatible relays for home automation. – tlfong01 1 hour ago    
  • After skimming the Forbes home automation introduction, you might be excited and anxious to like to know about the Rpi compatible relay module Forbes Finds found for you. Your relay module in hand, if got from eBay, might not has a specification, so it is a good idea to compare and contrast with the real Rpi relays. Now the Forbes relay: amazon.com/JBtek-Channel-Module-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B00KTEN3TM/…. Happy reading and have a great home automation project. Cheers. – tlfong01 1 hour ago   

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