MFRC522 RFID reader problem

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Trying to read my RFID MFRC522 using a Mifare blue tag and it is not working. Wondering if i could get any help on this as when i put the tag to read it doesn’t show up as quick?




Python coding based on the websites I've used in order to try to get my tag to read

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  • I tried libnfc1.1.7 the other day and found it OK. I followed the instructions, setup in 15 minutes, and read a tag successfully. (1) “Problem with detecting badge with PN532 and Raspberry Pi“: stackoverflow.com/questions/60819793/… Perhaps you can try libnfc and let me know if you have any problems. I might also try the PiMyLifeUp and compared with your installation record. – tlfong01 1 hour ago
  • By the way, you gave two tutorial references. The first one is OK. I think I would try that later. But the second tutorial seems a bit out of date, because it uses python 2.7. I worry that the drivers might not be compatible to your hardware/software configuration. Can you let us know your Rpi and OS version? – tlfong01 54 mins ago
  • Hi mate my RPI is 3 and the os is rasbpian noobs using linux – 627117717.pr 37 mins ago
  • Still not working unfortunately not sure why it is not working in the first place when i have followed each step and the modules all turn on and work! – 627117717.pr 15 mins ago
  • I didn’t catch you. Did you mean that an hour ago when you asked your question, you had no luck. Both tutorials didn’t work. But in this hour you tried your luck again and every step now work smoothly, and so NOW YOU CAN READ the tag? Can you please confirm which one of the two tutorials works, or both work. It would be nice if you can very briefly answer your question here, so that other newbies would be grateful to know how to setup the RFID reader? If every step work, but still cannot read the tag, I can repeat your steps and see why you still cannot read the tag. Cheers. – tlfong01 15 secs ago   Edit

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