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DS2482 notes

Rpi3B+ Python DS2482 I2C to 1-Wire Bridge Connecting 10+ DS18B20 Temperature Sensors Using 30 Metres Long CAT5e Cables Ask Question Asked 13 days ago Active today Viewed 99 times 2 I’m about to build a […]

How can Rpi3B configure an I2C PN532 module as a NFC tag, to send data to an Android smart phone? Ask Question Asked 2 months ago Active 2 months ago Viewed 155 times 1 I’m […]

nrf24 os error notes

lib_nrf24 throws OSError (Errno 9) Bad file descriptor on radio.available(0) Ask Question Asked yesterday Active today Viewed 29 times 0 I am using BLavery’s lib_nrf24 library with an nRF24L01 module on my pi running Octopi (it’s pretty […]

owfc notes

OWFS (One Wire File System) can at most detect four DS18B20 sensors connected to the 8-channel DS2482-800 Host Module Problem Ask Question Asked 4 days ago Active today Viewed 55 times 1 […]

Debugging notes

Raspberry Pi 4 Spidev Problems with NRF24L01 (AttributeError: module ‘spidev’ has no attribute ‘spiDev’) Ask Question Asked today Active today Viewed 16 times 0 I am new to the Raspberry Pi platform and I have […]