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Dtoverlay extra I2C bus is not working Ask Question 1 I am trying to connect multiple Vl6180x sensors to my Raspberry Pi 3. The addresses of these sensors are 0x29 (unchangeable) so […]

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Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT for Raspberry Pi A+/B+/Pi 2/Pi 3 – Mini Kit – US$45 Ultimate GPS Module Tutorial PDF File Command Set GlobalTop GPS chip datasheet […]

Feeds 21:34 2 A: Controlling 28byj48 bipolar convert with l293d ic Question Stepper 28byj48 unipolar OK with uln2003 Slit the red wire so there are only two windings Measured ohms across coils. Pin […]

Calibrate PH-4502C pH meter Ask Question 0 I have a pH meter (DIY-4502C) hooked up with Raspberry Pi. However, the instructions to calibrate is in Chinese and seems outdated. Does anybody know how to […]