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TikTok and GenZ

7,982 views|Jul 7, 2020,08:00am EDT What The Rise Of TikTok Says About Generation Z Bradian MuliadiForbes Councils MemberForbes Technology CouncilCOUNCIL POST| Paid ProgramInnovation Founder & CEO at | Instagram & TikTok […]

tunnel diode chat record

Loading can be 100kΩ and 10k conversion rate. Everything looks OK. So I can start programming. The first function is to setAnalogOutputVoltage().  4 hours later… Circuit fantasistFri 19:02Interesting… I wonder if there is such a […]

AD5933 takes much longer to preform a frequency sweep than expected Ask QuestionAsked todayActive todayViewed 18 times1 I’ve been trying to replicate a 2015 paper that uses Electrical Impedance Tomography to map a cross-section of a hand, […]

Rpi SE Chat Record

2d followed question — closed Raspberry Pi 4B – RFID-RC522 stopped working Nov29 comment Max30102 not visible in i2cdetect@tlfong01 thanks but I’ve already seen these questions. In both the connection is already […]

How to plot the I-V curve of a tunnel diode? +3−1 I am trying to understand tunnel diodes by experimenting with them. Research tells me they can have negative resistance, and can […]