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BTN7971b PWM

Why is my PWM efficiency about 50%? Ask QuestionAsked 2 days agoActive todayViewed 169 times2 I’m using a BTS7960 module with an Arduino to adjust the voltage for my DC motor. When I check efficiency […]

A4988 Motor Driver

What could be the reasons for a stepper motor stuttering with an A4988 driver? Ask QuestionAsked 5 days agoActive todayViewed 179 times21 I am using an A4988 Stepper Motor Driver, which is controlled with an STM32F767ZI on a Nucleo […]

l298n notes

Anything wrong with connecting L298Ns in parallel? Ask QuestionAsked 12 days agoActive 7 days agoViewed 137 times3 Although L298Ns are very inefficient, they’re very cheap. I have two motors that require 4A+ current at load […]