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latching up etc

Does I need GPIO pins protection against latch up ESD within this MCP23S17 based circuit? Ask QuestionAsked todayActive todayViewed 17 times0 I wrote about this system before. But I will focus my questions now on […]

Non stop power supply

Power Source Switching (my first circuit) — will I blow anything up? Ask Question Asked today Active today Viewed 24 times0 First post and first attempt at electronics and schematics so please go easy! GOAL: […]

EE SE answers

12 Answers VotesActivityNewest7 How to properly use a relay module with JD-VCC from Arduino/Raspberry? Jul 3 at 6:303 Help with choice of DC motor speed control – PWM vs. Regulator Jul 17 at […]

12V door lock

Connecting raspberry pi to 12v electric lock Ask QuestionAsked todayActive todayViewed 13 times1 I am trying to connect a 12V AC/DC lock to my Raspberry PI 3B+ so I can control it using python3 on […]

Holes and electrons

Nature of conventional current flow in a p-n junction Ask QuestionAsked 2 days agoActive todayViewed 46 times0 More specifically, I’m confused about the concept of hole diffusion. I can understand that electrons diffuse towards the […]