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fairchild ic testing

Multi-Joystick (Joystick, rotary Encoder, push Button) to GPIOs Ask Question 1 1 I’m trying to connect a Joystick/Encoder/Button (Copal Electronics CJ25) to a Raspberry PI. Using gpiotest I managed to get it up and running […]


RE: CHOOSING MOTORS Postby tlfong01 » 2019-Mar-14 Thu 8:40 pm jamesh wrote: ↑ 2019-Mar-14 Thu 5:37 pm tlfong01 wrote: ↑ 2019-Mar-14 Thu 1:31 pm tlfong01 wrote: ↑ 2019-Mar-14 Thu 12:30 pm 4tronix Robots References Amazon 4tronix Picon Zero v1.3 Intelligent Robotics […]

SenseHat python roll [on hold] Ask Question -3 I´m thinking about getting an Sensehat and im praticing but had an like issue, I use the emulator and print the roll into the […]

Problem Using Raspberry Pi Sense Hat Emulation [on hold] Ask Question -2 Thanks for your edit! This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer reviewed. I am using Trinket […]