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torque notes

How to obtain torque constant for stepper motor? Ask Question Asked yesterday Modified yesterday Viewed 51 times 1 I want to measure the torque constant of a stepper motor but seems I am doing it […]

Nema17 – Frequency – Temperature issue Hi i am trying to use MCPWM to move a nema 17 motor with esp32. I am using a TB6560 stepper motor driver and it setup […]

FeeTech Servo

Controling high voltage servo motors with raspberry pi 4 Ask Question Asked yesterday Modified today Viewed 36 times 1 I’m building a bipedal robot and I’m using 7,4V servo motors that can consume 3.9A of […]

dateTime = 2022apr06hkt1706 programName = ‘’ ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= Contents 1. System Info/Config and References 2. Import Modules 3. System Utility Functions/Constants 4. Pico GPIO Functions 4.1 […]