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Driver LED PT4115 Ask Question Asked today Modified today Viewed 35 times 0 I’m a beginner and I came across this drive, I intend to use it to control the light of some LEDs using […]

On Pico, how to feed speaker from MEMS microphone ouput on GPIO pin directly? Ask Question Asked yesterday Modified today Viewed 51 times 0 Using the Raspberry Pico Pi, how can micropython be used to get […]

LED light not turning on Ask Question Asked 2 days ago Modified today Viewed 52 times 2 I was following this tutorial on connecting an external LED to a Pico W, but I’ve had no […]

Impulse response etc

Does the impulse response of a system include both its transient response and steady state response? Ask Question Asked today Modified today Viewed 16 times 0 Suppose you connect a circuit containing passive elements like […]