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How do I create a list in Python with the given distances from my Ultrasonic distance sensor? [on hold] Ask Question -1 import RPi.GPIO as GPIO from time import sleep, time # […]

Can Bus

MCP2515 – Stand-Alone CAN Controller with SPI Interface Click to access MCP2515-Stand-Alone-CAN-Controller-with-SPI-20001801J.pdf Features * Implements CAN V2.0B at 1 Mb/s:- 0 to 8-byte length in the data field – Standard and extended […]

-2 Question Raspbian stretch 2019apr with desktop and recommended software (1.9 GB zipped, 5.0 GB .img) If I download the “small” desktop image, which packages would I need to install in order […]

ECG comments

can Raspberry Pi work exactly like Arduino? uploding arduino codes into raspberry pi [closed] Ask Question -1 may i know what is the code you used for heart rate sensor using raspberry […]