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I accidentaly lightly hit my bread board with my pi pico and ili9341 on it now the ili9341 is just white

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So i was in my chair and i clicked run script and when i got up i tripped and lightly hit my breadboard and then the screen (ili9341) went white. Before i hit it, it was working but not anymore. I tryed decconect the pico and put it back on then but it didn’t work so i tryed re downloading (i only put it into boot mode then put the circuitpy file and didn’t use the flash_nuke file) circuitpy and didn’t work as well, wiring seems fine and i dont think i broke anything, i just almost touched it.

Note: Actually i fixed it. I think it was just a little connection problem. It does it often but i figured it all so it’s good, thx for helping and the links in the reponse are helpfull so thx.


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(A) How to use Rpi Pico W to repair a broken ILI9341 LCD display module?

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