SPI touch screen with RPi?

How to use SPI touch screen with RPi?

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I bought a SPI TFT 2.4″ display with a resistive touchscreen from eBay (this one).

The screen is ILI9341 and works fine with Python and displays what I want. But how do I make use of the touch screen?

The PCB shows that the touch screen has got 5 pins: T_IRQ, T_DO, T_DIN, T_CS, T_CLK. From the Clock and CS pins presence I suspect that it’s a SPI touchscreen? How do I make use of it? Ideally in Python. Any pointers?

Update: FWIW the touchscreen controller seems to be labelled XPT2046 if I’m not mistaken.

SPI TFT 2.4" display with resistive touch screen


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