Month: November 2022

2n2222 notes

2N2222 burning out in the lab at 22 V Ask Question Asked 16 days ago Modified 3 days ago Viewed 2k times 7 According to the datasheet, a 2N2222 can handle VCE(max)VCE(max) up to 40 V40 V. However, in the […]

Power resistor

How am I supposed to read this resistor thermal rating graph? Ask Question Asked today Modified today Viewed 19 times 1 Currently trying to learn to read resistor datasheet, specifically thermal rating.I want to have […]

lead acid battery

tlfong01 wrote: ↑ Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:44 am UPS and 18650 Lithium ion batteries UPS and Panasonic Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteriesIn those were my good old Arduino days (2008~2013) I played with lead batteries, but just for […]