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Timer circuit does not work as intended (fixed)

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I am trying to make a 1 Hz clock with a CD4060, a crystal oscillator and an Arduino UNO. The problem is I am pretty sure the circuit does not work right. It oscillates but it is slower than 1 Hz.

I don’t have right now any way to make timing measurement (I try to avoid making one I just compare the serial output of Arduino by looking to windows clock). I would be happy with something that counts seconds with a small error.

The circuit oscillates if I take out the 470k resistor which means it does not use the crystal… The 4060 contains an internal oscillator, how to disable it? Any information would be appreciated.


The circuit in my case worked with the following values (in contrast with the values mentioned on the old or the newer datasheet):

both capacitors 100pF The capacitor on the (11) pin connected with some wire to add some capacitance.

Resistor 11-10 -> 1M

Second resistor 300k

corrected circuit:

enter image description here

Arduino divide by two, counting seconds and measuring period:

enter image description here


#include "printf_function.h"

#pragma GCC optimize ("Os")

bool state = false; 
uint8_t seconds = 0;
uint32_t time_stamp = 0;
uint32_t PreviousMillis = 0;
uint32_t m_i = 0;

void blink(){ 

    state = !state; 

    if( state ){
        m_i = millis();
        time_stamp = m_i - PreviousMillis; 
        PreviousMillis = m_i; 
        serial_printf( Serial, "%i   %i\n", seconds, time_stamp );
        if( seconds++ > 58 ) seconds = 0;


void setup(){

    pinMode( 2, INPUT );
    pinMode( 13, OUTPUT );
    digitalWrite( 13, LOW );
    Serial.begin( 9600 );
    attachInterrupt( digitalPinToInterrupt( 2 ), blink, RISING );


void loop(){ } 






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