Measuring Alkohol/Sugar or densitiy in a liquid [closed]

Measuring Alkohol/Sugar or densitiy in a liquid [closed]

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I have a somewhat curious real world issue and wanted to find out if I can potentially solve it by using a PI/Arduino and some kind of sensors. I dont really know much about either device, but I will explain my issue. I make wine as a hobby (corona effects us all in some way…). When you make wine you essentially have a water/sugar solution, add yeast to it and the yeast makes the sugar into alcohol over a duration of time. Often you want to stop that early. A perfectly dry (no sugar left at all) wine isnt very tasty. So ideally the fermenting gets interrupted while there is still sugar left in it but also already enough alcohol created. Usually that is done by well simply educated guessing.

I know wanted to create a device that measures either the sugar level or the alcohol or the density of the liquid (also changes during fermentation).

I thought briefly about the measuring the water level (changing density should mean changing volume) but a, the change is so small its probably hard to measure and not consistent for different types of wine (also every wine sparkles at first, which probably would be a bigger factor to the volume increase then the density change from the alcohol to sugar conversion).

Do you guys have any ideas how to measure these metrics or anything completely different that could help me?




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