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Chinese mist maker board circuit [closed]

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I just bought a board for the 113kHz mist maker like this: 

It works like intended. But now I want to build the circuit by my own for my PCB. On the web I can only find bulky designs with huge MOSFETs etc.

Maybe some of you re-build that small thing already and could share it?

If not: maybe you have an idea which inductor is used though everything’s described except for this part.

Thank you in regard folks!




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  • 1(1) Mist Maker Catalog – AliEx aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-ultrasonic-mist-maker.html (2) Mist Maker DIY Kit – AliEx, HK$12 fr.aliexpress.com/item/… – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • 1I already have that thing…. my question is the curcuit to integegrate the curcuit to my PCB without adding the board as it is by wires. – dessi yesterday
  • 1But I takes days to reproduce the US$2 toy. Or do you want to do mass production? – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • 1I just don’t know what inductor I need for 5VIN or how to find it out. The traces I can reproduce somehow. But the chip IC has no letters on it too so I don’t know if it’s just an N555 or something else… I’m not very safe with “just sticking everything together” so I just posted it here because I need help… – dessi yesterday
  • 2Define ”huge MOSFETs”. – winny yesterday
  • You might find this video helpful: (1) Ultrasonic Mist Maker Circuit Using Piezo Disc | Homemade Humidifier circuit – Tech Ideas 2022jan17, 28,961 views youtube.com/watch?v=M3MTcl10DwY 0:01 NE555 Timer IC 0:33 100nF Capacitor 1:11 220uF Inductor 4:45 12V DC – tlfong01 yesterday   
  • 2The size of the MOSFETs necessary to drive a load are probably very well-correlated with the power you want to put into the actuator. Have you taken the time to measure the electrical power flowing into the speaker with your pre-made circuit? I bet it’s relatively small compared to what marketing says about it. – Marcus Müller yesterday
  • The following very educational tutorial by GreatScott explains why using NE555 and not the huge power MOSFETs: Ultrasonic Mist Maker (Using MOSFET or NE555), DIY or Buy – GreatScott (1.68M subscribers) 2017oct22, 1,106,773 views youtube.com/watch?v=aKhPj7uFD0Y – tlfong01 yesterday  
  • So, GreatScott tells us that what we need basically is a 1.5MHz oscillator, perhaps using NE555. Of course we also need the piezo disc, with resonant frequency around 1.5MHz, Design Notes/ReferenceWhy does the 555 timer have a maximum frequency of 2MHz? – Asked 1 year, 3 months ago, Viewed 3k times electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/558445/… – tlfong01 21 hours ago   
  • I googled harder and found another hobbyist explaining why to use the inductor and how to not use the inductor, and not even the NE555, not to mention mosfet: Simplest Piezo Driver Circuit Explained – Swagatem 2022may12 homemade-circuits.com/simplest-piezo-driver-circuit-explained – tlfong01 19 hours ago  

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