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What model of raspberry pi good for local web server

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Hello i need some useful information about running a local web server in a raspberry pi and the best embedded system that can handle my device

what i mean?

Well i’ve created a website using django + redis + celery + postgresql

So what i want to do with this website is to Turn on/off LED lamp using a BreadBoard. this is done by celery … actually there is a task (celery-beat-schedule) that should turn off/on some specific LED lamps

and the django is the firmware that creates those tasks and controls my device

For example:

Imagine i have a task that represent the main job of the device (turning on/of) a i can create and run this tasks using django-celery-beat


The main question is how can i run this in a embedded system like raspberry pi. actually what are the best hardware like CPU RAM this website can run on that and does not crashed?

For example, is Raspberry Pi zero w suitable for running this web server and setup? And there is no limit to the implementation?

Of course, let me say this too. I don’t want to spend too much otherwise I think the Raspberry Pi 4 is the best

Updated: Also the OS is linux(Raspbian OS) as you already know



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