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I am trying to convert my Next Wave 2 Watt laser to work with my Openbuilds controller. The problem is that I have no real documentation on this laser. I have a box that the laser connects to and it has a power supply. The problem is a 20 pin cable that turns into a 5 wire connector that use to get plugged into the Next Wave HD3 controller. However, it can’t use a laser post processor modular so that I can use it on 3D models. The pins from left to right are Yellow, Green, White, Black, and Red. Is there anyway that I can find out what the wires are for (besides call tech support)? I am not sure, but don’t I just need 3 wires, one for 5 or 12 volts, one for ground and one that gets connected to the PWM? Thank you in advanced.




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  • 1pins from left to right … left to right has no meaning … it depends on which way you face it – jsotola 3 hours ago
  • 12W wood burning lasers are slower than PWM on the DC rail , my 1W laser is really slow and just has 2 wires for PWM power – Tony Stewart EE75 3 hours ago
  • You might like to get this #20015: (1) Next Wave 2 Watt Laser Module Kit for Next Wave CNC Machines Item 161352 Model 20002 US$500 woodcraft.com/products/… Works with CNC Piranha FX, Piranha XL, HD Pendant controlled machines, and Shark II, or can be adapted for previous non Pendant CNC SHARKS by purchasing the Laser Interface item number 20015. (2) Next Wave Laser Interface for Shark HD3 CNC Machines Item 161649 Model 20015 US$93 woodcraft.com/products/… – tlfong01 35 mins ago   
  • This reference might also be useful: (3) Shark HD3 User Manuals – New Wave nextwaveautomation.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/… – tlfong01 27 mins ago  

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