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What kind of motor is needed to make this work?

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Not exactly sure what kind of AC or DC motor would be needed to make this. Is it even a realistic idea to make electricity by using a motor as a generator?




asked 2 hours ago

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It’s a brushed permanent magnet DC motor,

It will need to spin quite fast to make enough voltage to light an LED. much more than the approximately 1000RPM seen in the video



answered 12 mins ago

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Almost any permanent magnet, brush-type DC motor (one having a commutator) should work as a generator. Don’t use a brushless motor, as found in computer fans. Motors from an inexpensive battery-powered toy would likely work.

That said, the power output depends on the speed of rotation, the number of poles, permanent magnet strength, etc. Almost any small motor, when spun by hand, could light an LED, for example, but not a small incandescent flashlight (torch, for the UK) lamp.



answered 2 hours ago

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