DC 12V water pump

How to run a small water pump using a solar panel?

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I have a solar panel:

  • Output power 10 watts
  • Operating voltage 12 volt

I want to run a small water pump maybe 3W small submersible pump.

How can I connect the pump with the solar panel? Someone said I need to use something to controller to control power output from the solar panel.

Solar Panel https://www.loomsolar.com/products/loom-10-watt-12-v-solar-panel Water pump like https://www.amazon.in/Fountain-Submersible-Crafts-Vertical-Aquarium/dp/B08M3WKZJ2/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=3+watt+water+pump+for+fountain&qid=1654676053&sprefix=3watt+water+p%2Caps%2C210&sr=8-5

I am trying to build a small water fountain for birds due to high heat in summer.




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  • Do you have some kind of link to the datasheet or product page for the solar panel and pump? It would be helpful if you could edit the original question to include that information. – mkeith 50 mins ago
  • 2Buy a small, low power 12V pump. Connect it straight to the panel. It’ll run most of the time when the sun is shining. – JRE 42 mins ago
  • It probably will work just fine like JRE says. But there could be a slight chance that the panel will over-volt the motor if the motor does not need the whole 10 Watts. – mkeith 32 mins ago
  • I added the Links – jignesh sorathiya 27 mins ago
  • @jigneshsorathiya that one won’t work, it’s for AC power. You’ll need a 12V DC pump. – DamienD 11 mins ago
  • I found the following WS122 DC 12V water pump good: (1) forums.raspberrypi.com/… (2) forums.raspberrypi.com/… – tlfong01 42 secs ago  Edit  

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