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Script running from terminal after setting pythonpath and running “thonny&” command, but not when thonny ide is opened directly

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I am using a Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit to run a script that will capture an image. I have gone through installing the right packages for libcamera for this OS and can run libcamera apps using my terminal. I get the error: no module named picamera2 whenever I try to run the script in thonny ide.

However, I have set my pythonpath variable to


and when I run the command “thonny&” or “thonny” from my terminal, my script runs without an error

Please, how can I be able to run my scripts without having to go through this process?




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asked 1 hour ago

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Uchechi Ugo

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thonny is an integrated development environment for Python that is designed for beginners. If you just want to run a python program forget thonny and just run with python!

All my python scripts start with:-

#! /usr/bin/env python3

so they can be run from terminal.

Alternately just run python3 scriptname



answered 47 mins ago

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  • hi, milliways. thank you, I’ll do that. I wanted to know if there was a way it could be run from thonny itself, cause i’m making changes to my code, and it’ll be easier if I could be testing directly from the ide. – Uchechi Ugo 1 min ago 

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