my question is about power supply in a toaster. would some one let me know value in ohms of a potentiometer in a bread toaster ?er [closed]

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My question is about power supply in a toaster. Would some one let me know value in ohms of potentiometer?




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  • Sorry, you need to be more precise. Which toaster? Brand, model etc. Do you have a picture of the potentiometer? Any markings? – Kartman yesterday
  • 1The body of the question should contain the full question. The title should contain a very brief phrase about the nature of the question. When asking about the design of the product or component you must state toe power supply voltage and frequency. “Wall outlet” power is typically 120 volts 60 Hz in North America and some other places and 220 volts and 50 Hz elsewhere. It is also helpful to state the current and power. Is there a keypad or display indicating electronic control? Have you examined the interior of the product? – Charles Cowie yesterday
  • 1We only answer questions about the use, repair or reverse engineering of products if the question shows that you have some understanding of the design of the product and are otherwise equipped to use the limited assistance that can be provided using the format of this site. – Charles Cowie yesterday
  • Ah, let me see. Usually there is a “metallic strip switch” to cut off the electrical power to the heating coils of the heater heating up the toast. Usually when you turn the knob by hand to indicate how “burnt” you want your bread, the other end of the knob adjust the distance/gap of the “bimetal” electrical contact cutting off power. The bimetal thing usually consists of two strips of two kinds of metals, one metal bends further than the other. So when heated up, the glued strips bends until the electrical contract is broken, … / ton continue, … – tlfong01 yesterday  
  • In other words, no potentiometers or timer at all, only a bimetal strip bending away, when heated up, and the knob adjusts the width of the gap that the bimetal strip would bend to switch off heater. Talk is cheap, let me wiki Bimetallic strip – Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bimetallic_strip (A bimetallic strip is used to convert a temperature change into mechanical displacement, thus switching on/off electrical power, …) – tlfong01 yesterday   

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