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HX711 Load cells wrong readings

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I have 4 HX711 cells in wheatstone configuration. Use it from Home automation to measure bed presence. Worked correctly for a few weeks, but suddenly stopped working (cannot get any useful readings anymore). I suspect one or multiple wires has a broken connection.

I did measure resistance across all the pins, but they seem incorrect. Measure values are in kOhm. Real readings where 1.48, 0.99 etc, but I rounded this in the listing below. I don’t think this should be an issue. Afaik the resistance value between all the pins should be 1 kOhm.

E- | A- | 1.5
E- | A+ | 1.5
A+ | A- | 2
A+ | E+ | 1
A- | E+ | 0
E- | E+ | 0

Could someone tell me by this figures which wire is the problem?




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