Always stop the motor at the same position

Always stop the motor at the same position

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I asked this question 13 days ago electronics.stackexchange. DC motor has to stop always same spot. If we take the area where the motor starts to rotate as 0, the motor should always stop at 0 degrees, not 3 or 5 (until 1 , 2 is okay I guess.)

In this link, they suggest me to use hall effect sensor. I run into this question in this link stackoverflow . OP says it is not working.

OP says : What I managed to do at this moment, is calibrate ESC through Arduino and also to brake immediately when the magnet reached the sensor after I kill the throttle. However, I cannot get the magnet to stop directly below the hall sensor.

I don’t have any DC motor yet so I can’t try but I will try it soon. What I want to ask is ;

  • My DC motor will run really slow with high torque. Can same thing happen for me to if I use hall effect sensor ? (Can I always stop my DC motor at the same point with hall effect and magnet?)
  • I saw a video (which I can’t find ), they really did what I want with magnet and hall effect sensor (of course they have motor driver too). But I am not sure they use microcontroller. Is there a way to do this without microcontroller ?
  • I saw another video about DC motor brake. He says if you use switch for drive DC motor, you can instantly brake motor with connecting the positive and negative terminals of the motor. If I get feedback from hall sensor, maybe I can stop it with hard brake. Can I use relay instead of switch because I can’t control switch with microcontroller I guess?

Here is a schema:

enter image description here




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