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Stepper motor has own encoder, can I connect encoder pins to microcontroller and see feedback?

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I am using closed loop stepper motor with motor driver. Here is my driver CS-D808. I am using this with microcontroller.

I want to stop this motor always certain location after 5 to 10 turns. I wrote a code, I am using (circuitpython).

for z in range (y):
    for x in range (1600):
        enaPin.value = False

This code is working. It is doing what I want. I don’t understand two things. My stepper motor rotate 1 turn at 200 step (I calculated, My stepper motors step angle is 1.8⁰ ). If I wrote 200 instead of 1600, it goes like 45 degree (1 turn 360 degrees.)

  • How can I sure 1600 is reliable and precision (so far so good, when I wrote 1600 stepper motor rotate 1 turn.) Is there another way ?
  • I connected motor drivers encoder pins to motors.
  • Do I need a microcontroller to get information about the step losses or precision of the motor? or motor and driver will handle by themself ?

Motor and driver connection :

enter image description here




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  • 1or motor and driver will handle by themselves I would hope so if the driver accepts encoder inputs. It would be a [poor] driver if it accepted feedback signals and not use them for anything. [Edited by a moderator.] – DKNguyen 12 hours ago 
  • 1What is the DIP-switches configuration? – Antonio51 7 hours ago
  • (1) A short answer to you question is “Yes”. (2) Your stepper driver is very advanced, usually for heavy duty, mission critical industrial applications. (3) Ref: (a) CS-D808&CS-D1008 Closed Loop [8A peak, NEMA34] bipolar stepper Drive User Manual – LeadShine leadshineusa.com/UploadFile/Down/… (b) ES-D808w – ES-M23440w Closed Loop Hybrid Stepper Motor Driver – LeadShine US$150 fr.aliexpress.com/item/1901023675.html?gatewayAdapt=glo2fra. I can give you a longer answer if you confirm that you have skmmed the user manual. – tlfong01 4 mins ago   Edit  Delete

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