Month: February 2022

tmc2209 and tb6600 stepper motor driver

***A list of all the LEDC APIs exposed by the driver. These functions are written for Arduino IDE port of ESP32***. ledcSetup(channel, frequency, resolution_bits)ledcAttachPin(pin, channel)ledcWrite(channel, dutycycle)ledcRead(channel)ledcWriteTone(channel, frequency)ledcWriteNote(channel, note, octave)ledcReadFreq(channel)ledcDetachPin(pin) My quick and […]

TB6600 Overstepping

TB6600 Overstepping Ask Question Asked today Active today Viewed 21 times 0 I’ve got a TB6600 stepper motor driver connected via a common cathode connection to an Arduino (Elegoo) Nano microcontroller (1/32 microsteps, 1.5A, unknown […]