Month: January 2022

capacitor and water tank

Why conductor having charge(let say 1C) have tremendous potential but same conductor used in capacitor have low voltage? Ask QuestionAsked yesterdayActive todayViewed 49 times0 When we talk about electrolytic capacitors or the supercapacitor(EDLC) then we […]

tmc2130 notes

sages load to my last message full transcripthighlights tlfong01Mon 20:37Ah almost bed time. Call it a day, see you later. johnSEe you later, thanks agin for the help here. I might order the 2209 to […]

tmc2130 Q&A

tlfong014339Mon 17:51AliExpress is also selling this MakerBase MKS2160 driver, at US$14:Makerbase – MKS TMC2160 Stepper Motor, 3D Printer Driver, High Torque Parts, Ultra Quiet for Gen L SGen – AliExpress US$…tlfong014339Mon 18:06I […]

tlfong014319Sat 18:11Yes, good idea to use RpiZ2W for swap troubleshooting.Now I am making some reading summary. Ah, locking up supper time. See you later.  1 day later… tlfong014319Sun 21:12Hi there, I am back. Now […]