tmc2209 stepper motor controller

Stepper motor powered, but not turning

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I am new to using stepper motors and micropython. I am having trouble getting my stepper motor to turn. I am using a raspberry pi pico and a tmc 2208 driver to control my stepper motor. I can hear the coils being powered on and off, but I get no motion.

Here is a a wiring diagram 

Here is my script

from machine import Pin
import utime

direction = Pin(14, Pin.OUT)
step = Pin(15, Pin.OUT)
enable = Pin(13, Pin.OUT)



def stepOne():

while True:

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1 Answer


(1) First thing first, the TMC2208datasheet: trinamic.com/fileadmin/assets/Products/ICs_Documents/… – tlfong01

(2) Next, a quick and dirty summary: 2-phase stepper, 32 uSteps, 36VDC, internal current sensing, hard/soft(uart) config, … –

(3) Get a couple of assembled modules: pt.aliexpress.com/item/… –

(4) I am too lazy to upload pics in Imrur and link them here. So I cheat by using my answer space.

(5) Skim the module user guide.


(6) Show the Pico + TMC2208 Wiring/Schematic.


(7) Compare and contrast the wiring with a similar and already debugged project, say the very popular A4899, to make sure no important wiring is missing.

A4899 Microstepping Motor Driver Troubleshooting – EESE Q&A 2021apr14

(8) Manual testing, using (a) Manaul jumper wiring, (b) manual configurable PWM sig gen.

A4899 Stepping Motor Driver Test


/ to continue, …

(9) Software testing, using Pico.

/ to continue, …


(11) A4988 Datasheet – Allergo

(12) A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module – AliExpress US$0.6

(13) Fake microstepping in A4899 and LV8729 stepper-drivers? – @GnuReligion, EESE, Asked 2021apr14

(14) What could be the reasons for a stepper motor stuttering with an A4988 driver? [Locked] EESE, Asked 2021apr05

(15) What is better for precision? Stepper motor VS DC Motor [Closed] – EESE 2021apr13

(16) AliExpress HK42BYG250-001 Stepper Motor NEMA17 | High torque 1.2A 38mm stepper motor for 3D printer 42 with speed feedback

(17) Youtube video of A4988 Full Step Performance – tlfong01 2021apr18

(18) RpiMotorLib python library to drive NEMA 17 stepper for A4988 – DiyProjects 2021feb09

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