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Python / Raspberry Pi Engineer

Firmware DevelopmentPosted 2 days agoWorldwideRaspberry Pi/Python Engineer

Our group is looking for an experienced Python / Raspberry Pi engineer for a 1-3 month project to assist with set up and improvement of an existing Python / Raspberry Pi implementation. Generally, this would include configuring an existing implementation, troubleshooting, improvement, and general maintenance. Previous Raspberry Pi embedded programming with Python and linux are prerequisites. As we are implementing a scientific application based on an existing specification, we would be able to provide clear guidelines and a positive engineering environment.

Required Experience

Raspberry Pi embedded programming with Python and linux
background process control like supervisor, cron, etc

You would be a great fit for this project for this project with a demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and dedication to meet project deadlines in a timely manner.

If this project would be of interest, please reply with your prior experience.

  • Less than 30 hrs/weekHourly
  • 1-3 monthsDuration
  • ExpertExperience Level
  • $30.00-$50.00Hourly
  • Remote Job
  • Project Type:  Ongoing project

Skills and Expertise

Python Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Firmware Embedded Linux Arduino

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About the client

  • United StatesNew York 4:41 am
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  • Member since Sep 28, 2021

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