Proxy sensor Chat Record

GPIO configured as interrupts detects noise of the engine even if isolated

minaDid anyone work with a Raspberry Pi in a an automotive project ? I am working on creating a dashboard for a motorcycle and it is making me crazy! when configuring a GPIO pin as an interrupt it detects many pulses if the engine is running ! There is no problem with the other GPIO pins that they a…gpioelectronicsinterruptssignaltlfong014082@mini, (1) Your interesting problem can can be briefly described as: “How come a Rpi GPIO pin in interrupt mode, connected to a NJK-5002C proxmity sensor, is detecting unwanted noisy signals from an e-Bike engine? How to fix this problem?” / to continue, …/ cont’d, … (2) My question: Can you give me the link to your eBike? Is it something like this: E-BIKE Munro 2.0 Electric motorbike 48V lithium battery electric motorcycle 26 inch emotor – AliEx, US$7,000 aliexpress.com/item/… / to continue, …/ cont’d, … (3) Can you give me a link to the dashboard you are trying to copycat?. Is it very roughly something like this? 48 Volt 1000 Watt 26 Inch Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit LCD display to show battery power, time, speed, mileage and gears (Motor: 48V/1000W/470rpm) – Amazon amazon.com/Electric-Bicycle-Conversion-Motor-Front/dp/…, /to continue, …/ cont’d, … (4) Or are you playing with an conversion kit like this? Bafagn 48V 750W Ebike Conversion Kit for Bikes 20″ 26″ Rear Wheel Brushless Hub Motor Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit with LCD Display and Battery – Amazon amazon.com/BAFAGN-Ebike-Conversion-Electric-Display/dp/…, / to continue, …/ cont’d, … (5) I think the root cause of you noise problem is the BLDC motor, nothing to do with Rpi, and WiringPiIsr. (6) So I would suggest to start troubleshooting with a simple hardware test setup described below: (a) BLDC motor: your 48V/1000W gear BLDC motor, or at my side Aslong JGB37-3625 7~960rpm 24V Brushless DC Mini BLDC Gear Motor – AliEx US$26 aliexpress.com/item/32840957997.html? spm=a2g0o.search0302.0.0.6e844d36e33ITr&algo_pvid=null&algo_‌​expid=null&btsid=0bb‌​0623b162469550134378‌​92eb447&ws_ab_test=s‌​earchweb0_0,sear, / to continue, …/ cont’d, … (6) (b) Proximity sensor such as NJK-5002C. I would suggest to read the Omron’s newbie friendly tutorial before moving on: Proximity Sensors Tutorial – Omron omron-ap.com/service_support/technical_guide/proximity_senso‌​r/…, / to continue, …  The last message was posted 12 hours ago. 


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