Does ADS12XX circuits needs an amplifier?

Does ADS12XX circuits needs an amplifier?

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I’m working on a project that use various analog sensors (load cells, microphone, pressure, etc) and all of then they have an analog standard output (mv/V). I’m using a raspberry pi and I want to choose a module that can do continuous reading from these sensors.

Based on my search, I found that the HX711 module can do the job (amplification and digital conversion) and it has 24bits precision.

  1. I’m wondering if the ADS12XX (eg: ADS1263) integrated circuits from Texas Instruments will amplify the signal or I have to use an amplifier circuit?
  2. Is there some circuits like the HX711 that can do both things?

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2 Answers


Both the ADS1263 and HX711 have programmable gain amplifiers in front of their ADC units.

The PGA on the ADS1263 can be set to x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 or x32.

The PGA on the HX711 can be set to x32, x64 or x128.

Other TI chips that have PGAs include: ADS111x, ADS1018, ADS124x.ShareCiteEditFollowFlagedited 35 mins agoanswered 45 mins agoErikR22011 silver badge55 bronze badges

  • I can see that ADS1263 has 32bits resolution and HX711 has 24 bits, but as per your answer the HX711 amplifier is better. For better result should I favor resolution over amplification? – Akram 8 mins ago

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Well, if your project needs to use a load cell (and a Wheatstone bridge), then I think HX711 is the only choice, because it is specifically designed for that sort of application.


(1) HX711 24-bit ADC Weight Sensor Response Time Q&A

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  • 1I’m not sure why hx711 is the only choice? the reference you sent it only discuss that sensor, so no comparaison been made. – Akram 20 mins ago
  • 1tlfong01 – Hi, Please delete comments that you leave on questions, when you add an answer which makes the comment obsolete. (I’ve just done that on 2 questions.) Thanks! – SamGibson 13 mins ago
  • 1@SamGibson, OK, so I did that. Many thanks for your advice. Cheers. – tlfong01 6 mins ago   
  • @Akram, well, I studied both datasheets, and my opinion is that no comparison is required. – tlfong01 3 mins ago   Edit   

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