Matek uBlox Neo-M9N-5883 GPS module with compass

Matek GPS 模块 M9N-5883 带罗盘 UBLOX NEO-M9N 固定翼 Gps模块


配送广东东莞 至 香港九龙深水埗区 快递 ¥49.90 付款后5天内发货飞机种类


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  • ¥165.00
  • ¥1198.00


  • 品牌: Matek
  • 型号: M9N-5883
  • 产地: 中国大陆
  • 省份: 广东省
  • 地市: 深圳市
  • 适用性别: 中性
  • 飞机种类: M9N-5883 GPS模块
  • 玩具类型: 其它玩具
  • 颜色分类: Matek
  • 是否有导购视频: 无
  • M9N-5883 uses multi-constellation GNSS powered by u-blox NEO-M9N , NEO-M9N is a concurrent GNSS receiver which can receive and track multiple GNSS systems. Owing to the multi-band RF front-end architecture all four major GNSS constellations, GPS,Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou can be received concurrently.
  • More details about the NEO-M9N, pls check out u-blox NEO-M9N page


  • GNSS u-blox NEO-M9N (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou)
  • Magnetic Compass QMC5883L
  • Patch antenna 25*25*4mm
  • Input voltage range: 4~6V (5V pad/pin)
  • Power consumption: 50mA
  • UART baudrate: 38400 default
  • Operating Temperatures: -20~80 °C
  • UART(TX, RX) interface for GNSS NEO-M9N
  • I2C(DA, CL) interface for Compass QMC5883L
  • JST-GH-6P connector
  • 3.3V Power LED, Red
  • GNSS PPS LED, Green,  blinking(1Hz) when GNSS has 3D fixed
  • 32mm*32mm*10mm
  • 14.5g


  • 1x M9N-5883
  • 1x JST-GH-6P to JST-GH-6P 20cm silicon wire

Wiring and settings

  • M9N-5883 5V to Flight controller 4~6V
  • M9N-5883 RX to Flight controller UART_TX
  • M9N-5883 TX to Flight controller UART_RX
  • M9N-5883 CL to Flight controller I2C_SCL
  • M9N-5883 DA to Flight controller I2C_SDA
  • M9N-5883  G  to Flight controller GND
  • Compass Alignment(Arrow forward and flat mounting):
    INAV/BetaFLight: CW 270° Flip when flight controller arrow is facing forward also.
    Ardupilot/Mission Planner: Rotation None.
  • Protocol: Ublox or NEMA
  • Make sure to have compass/magnetometer 10cm away from power lines/ESC/motors/iron based material
  • The scratches on ceramic antenna are the result of tuning the antenna.
  • u-center Windows


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