8 channel relay python program

Need script to make scheduled 8 channel relay outputs [closed]

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This script fires my relays, but I don’t know how to change duration and need it to fire daily to run pump and ozonator for an iso float tank. I’m currently only using GPIO 9 and 10

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time


# init list with pin numbers

pinList = [10, 9]

# loop through pins and set mode and state to 'low'

for i in pinList:
    GPIO.setup(i, GPIO.OUT)
    GPIO.output(i, GPIO.HIGH)

# time to sleep between operations in the main loop

SleepTimeL = 2

# main loop

  GPIO.output(10, GPIO.LOW)
  print ("OZONE")
  GPIO.output(9, GPIO.LOW)
  print ("PUMP")
  print ("Good bye!")

# End program cleanly with keyboard

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Ah, this is a very good program, so flexible to scale up. I would suggest the following changes.

  1. To scale up from 2 relays to 8 relays, change the following first statement to second:pinList = [10, 9]pinList = [10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3]

  1. To change operation delay from two seconds to three seconds, say, change the following first statement to second.SleepTimeL = 2SleepTimeL = 3

  1. To scale up two relay operations to eight, change the following 6 line segment to the for loop after.GPIO.output(10, GPIO.LOW)print (“OZONE”)time.sleep(SleepTimeL)GPIO.output(9, GPIO.LOW)print (“PUMP”)time.sleep(SleepTimeL)

for pin in pintlist:

    GPIO.output(pin, GPIO.LOW) 

    print ("OZONE") 


There is 99% chance the my suggested changes create bugs. Don’t worry. Report your bugs as a comment below my answer. Everybody would come to help.

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  • @Gcprince, please report bugs here. Cheers. – tlfong01 23 hours ago    
  • @Gcprince, I would also suggest you to debug your nice little code in Rpi built in Thonny python IDE, which is very newbie friendly and helps to locate errors in its newbie friendly GUI (Graphics User Interface) console window, showing which line makes trouble, and leading you to that exact line where it is, and waits for you to correct it and immediately run it to retry your luck. It is so Pachinko like game fun!. Happy programming. Cheers. – tlfong01 22 hours ago    

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