Month: April 2021

Pico ssd1306 notes

Rpi pico micropython ssd1306 OSError: 5 Ask QuestionAsked todayActive todayViewed 28 times1 I have .91inch 128×32 pixel oled display. here im following Tom’s Hardware tutorial here I’m using Thonny on windows 10 ive basically copy and pasted […]

Which MCU should I use for my project?

Which MCU should I use for my project? [closed] Ask QuestionAsked todayActive todayViewed 36 times0Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Electrical Engineering Stack […]

LED Panel

Right way of wiring discrete LEDs to make a high power LED panel Ask QuestionAsked yesterdayActive yesterdayViewed 204 times5 I want to make an LED panel as shown below: I need some help understanding the […]


Discussing FreeRTOS architecture for sort of a data logger application Ask QuestionAsked 3 days agoActive todayViewed 197 times2 I’m fairly new to RTOS architecture and been reading up on articles on, but as it’s […]

Reactive Power

Reactive power in AC circuit Ask QuestionAsked yesterdayActive todayViewed 357 times2 What is meant by reactive power in AC circuits? Power is joules per second. Real power is the energy dissipated in the resistor per […]