Month: April 2021


Is there a package or library for controlling the DS3231 on the Raspberry Pi Ask QuestionAsked 17 days agoActive 5 days agoViewed 89 times21 I’ve just obtained a DS3231 real time clock (RTC), and added it […]

A4988 fake micro stepping

Fake microstepping in A4899 and LV8729 stepper-drivers? Ask QuestionAsked 6 days agoActive todayViewed 63 times1 I built a test jig to experiment with a friend’s 16-pin A4988 stepper driver, and even added bi-directional LEDs to […]


Need design best practice: microcontroller controlled, variable, DC voltage source Ask QuestionAsked yesterdayActive todayViewed 74 times1 I need guidance on designing a Variable DC power supply with the following characteristics: Microcontroller controlled DC output ~ […]