DC Motors

Where do I buy dc motors for the raspberry Pi? [closed]

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I need one that can supply a rated torque of 12Nm and a rated speed of at least 300 rpm. Where do I even begin to find such a thing?dc-motorShareEditFollowReopenFlagedited 21 hours agoMilliways48.4k2323 gold badges7979 silver badges159159 bronze badgesasked yesterdayWill Nickerson11 New contributor

  • 4there is no such thing as motor for Raspberry Pi – jsotola yesterday 
  • 1internet search, don’t include raspberry pi in the search criteria as the pi has little to do with what you want as far as suppliers go – Jaromanda X yesterday
  • This EESE Q&A might help: (1) How to control DC motor speed by motor driver with PWM input? Asked 9 months ago, Viewed 983 times: electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/510755/…. Appendix B. C show an example. Cheers – tlfong01 22 hours ago    
  • 1look for dc motors that suit your needs. then search for motor controllers that suit your motors (preferably ones that take 3.3V control/signal input). Finally seek power supplies and other items (this is at the end since you may, for example, need to turn a 3.3V signal to 5V) – Abel 11 hours ago 

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