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What is better for precision? Stepper motor VS DC Motor

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I want to build a steer-by-wire system and I was wondering what is better for precision a stepper motor or a DC Motor to control the wheels.motordc-motorstepper-motorShareCiteEditFollowFlagasked 8 hours agoAndrei Avram11 New contributor

  • 1Steppers seem precise – right up until you miss a step … then you’re lost without feedback. If you add feedback then you may as well use a geared DC motor for greater simplicity & power. – brhans 8 hours ago
  • More important than all that is skid. – DKNguyen 8 hours ago
  • Wouldn’t that depend on how the motor will control the steering. Is it for a car or a bicycle? Can you be any more precise in your question to give better answers? – Justme 8 hours ago
  • Which is heavier, a rock or a boat?It all depends upon which rock and which boat doesn’t it? – Math Keeps Me Busy 7 hours ago
  • Welcome to the site. This is one line that asks for mountains of effort in reply. The site is not for free personal tutoring and you can quite easily research this on the internet. Please edit your question and detail you already know, show all that you have discovered for yourself on the subject. – TonyM 7 hours ago
  • One thing steppers don’t deal with very well is resisting outside force. I would think for steering this dynamic behavior would be important, which would favor a motor. – hacktastical 6 hours ago
  • Stepper motors have cogging magnetics, which provide some amount of holding force between steps. But that cogging force is limited; by itself a stepper motor cannot know whether the load has skipped a step or whether it is where it is supposed to be. – MarkU 6 hours ago
  • What kind of steering mechanism? Rack-and-pinion? What about independent left-and-right traction drive on “caterpillar” tracks like a backhoe uses? Or is this a boat steered by a rudder? What vehicle? Max payload? Speed? Torque? Required stopping distance? Required positional accuracy? Will it travel through any shared right-of-way? What hazards must it negotiate (birds, whales, pedestrians, cars, lawyers, ordnance, volcanoes?) – MarkU 6 hours ago
  • It’s unclear whether you intend to control an RC scale model, a quadcopter, a passenger automobile, a cargo container ship, a backhoe, or some other vehicle. But control theory is essential for designing all of the various feedback / feedforward / servo systems that would form the core of any drive-by-wire or fly-by-wire or sail-by-wire system. Don’t put the cart before the horse: there’s no good way to choose the best motor when the vehicle is undefined. – MarkU 6 hours ago

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Well, I can have my cake and eat it too, only for ¥25! : )

step motor with feedback

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