a4988 stepping motor

What could be the reasons for a stepper motor stuttering with an A4988 driver?

user15278978I am using an A4988 Stepper Motor Driver, which is controlled with an STM32F767ZI on a Nucleo 144 board. The stepper motor takes 12 V with a maximum of 350 mA. When powered, the motor simply flickers and stutters, but moves at a negligible speed. Here is a circuit diagram of the setup, with volta…stm32stepper-motorstepper-drivertlfong01one reason is trying to push her too fast and she can’t handle. user1527897882@tlfong01 i have slowed it down, and the result is still the same@gcr i believe the only wiring concern with the motor is that one coil of the motor is connected to a number pair (1A with 1B, 2A with 2B), as outlined in this image (which is what I have done)@Ernesto nope, it doesn’t. i was under the impression that any change to a high signal sent to the step pin of the A4988 would step the motor. i’ll give this a go tlfong015524I see from your schematic that you are using a bipolar stepper, but It is a bit difficult to follow you code to figure out your stepping sequence. It is not important which driver your are using, A4988, L298, 297, L293 etc. You might like to skim my answer to the following Q&A. Using L293D Motor Driver to Control Bipolar Stepping Motor 28BYJ48 – raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/97975/…. You might also follow the AdaFruit or other newbie friendly tutorial and let me know the stepping schemes you are using.You may like to refer to the newbie friendly Components 101 tutorial for a simple full step (no micro step) operation description. A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Module Tutorial – Components 101, 2019aug22 components101.com/modules/a4988-stepper-motor-driver-module. / to continue, …It is not clear if you have a 2 coil, 4 coils, 4 wires, 5 wires, or 6 wires stepper. If you have a 6 wire bipolar, and if you wrongly select the wires, you might have strange movements. To make very sure you have selected the correct wires, you see that in my referred answer, I actually spent a couple of hours using a multi-meter and a battery and by hand (and later using a 2 pole 5 throw rotary switch) changed the polarity to actually see the motor stepping small steps of 1.8 degrees. To get a thorough understanding, you might like me, experiment DIY change bipolar to unipolar. configuration.The Components 101 Tutorial is good for newbies, because it recommend the full step simple wiring method. It also give references for L293D, ULN2003, L298N DC motor drivers which have the same architecture of 2 full H-bridges. A4988 has built in translator for the stepping and so user don’t need any phase sequence tables, but then you don’t learn the basic principles of stepping motors.I am sorry I am not helping you to debug your program, but only suggest you to use a lower level stepping driver so you can learn the basic things. But if you do have a strong reason to use A4988, you can let us know the link to the tutorial with well documented full code, then more readers can help debugging. Have a nice project. Cheers. 

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