Which MCU should I use for my project?

Which MCU should I use for my project? [closed]

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I am working on a project that currently works with an ESP32 (AZDelivery WROOM32) where all IO Pins are in use. The problem is I have to upgrade the board to get LAN as well. Now I find many different choices for my project.

A: upgrade the ESP32 to use LAN as well via LAN8720 or W5500

B: change the ESP32 to another Arduino or kind of controller who easily allows me to get all my needed stuff.

C: completely go away from Arduino and use a strong ARM MCU who has all I need and rewire everything.

A seems to be middle in complexity — because all my pins are used adding LAN needs a bit of a trick. Like building in an I2C and expand my IO pins to free the needed pins for the LAN modules. Price seems to be ok’ish. The ESP32 are cheap, I2C modules are not that expensive as well, LAN module okay. But stacking that overall seems to increase the price fairly good. Also, the size increases with each module which is unwanted.

B I don’t know much about other Arduino boards I heard of Nano and Uno, but the price seems to be my limiting factor as a Uni isn’t really cheap and to strong while the Nano seems to be too small. Any other ideas low price, low size. I don’t need a powerful module but many functions.

C Probl. the most complex solution but if done right the cheapest and smallest one. I would like avoiding it first but if it seems to be the best one, so it be.

Priority is as you can see the price and size. Before the ESP32 was build in there was a Raspberry which was way too powerful for the application and way to expensive. The ESP32 is a good chip but it’s limited. Adding only PHY seems viable but also adding the I2C increase the complexity, size, price and slows it down a bit.

If you could provide me with some guidance, I would really appreciate it.microcontrollerarduinoesp32ShareCiteEditFollowFlagasked 12 hours agoDaniel Do922 bronze badges

  • #Daniel Do, Just a brainstorming comment – you might like to consider also the cheapy US$4 Pico, perhaps not this time, but in the future. This Swiss guy give a good review: Raspberry Pi Pico vs ESP32 and STM32 – Andreas Spiess, 2021jan31 youtube.com/watch?v=cVHCllbN3bQ. Cheers. – tlfong01 11 hours ago   

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