Grounding and bypassing / decoupling PSU notes

What is the proper way to ground this DC circuit?

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I have 3 components: dual +/- power supply, linear voltage regulator, and pre-amplifier. They are to be mounted in a aluminum box. The PSU is powered by a 24V DC bench supply. I am confused on where to ground each component with regards to the “common” ground of the PSU. The pre-amp is processing signal data, where as the LVR is simply stepping +12V down to +9V.

enter image description here

My first thought is to connect the PSU “common”, the GND of the pre-amp, and GND of LVR to a star ground mounted on the chassis. I don’t want to damage the PSU so I was hoping to get advice from more knowledgeable folks. Thank you!power-supplydcgroundingShareCiteEditFollowFlagasked 4 hours agoTristen Lee1 New contributor

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