Building a Circuit that takes constant mA

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I want to discharge a battery at a constant C rate (0.2C) the battery is 3.7V and 380mAh. I did some calculations and found out that the current the circuit will need to take is 76mA. I am planning to build this with LED’s. I am not sure but from what i know LED’s take a constant current, i am not sure if this is 20ma or 15ma or something else. Also I am not sure if I should connect them in series or in parallel. Can someone help me come up with a circuit I could make that takes up a constant current of 76mA. Any suggestions of LED’s i could buy off amazon do to this would also be helpfullcurrentShareCiteEditFollowFlagasked 11 mins agoKirill Delyukin Student11 New contributor

  • Ah, what you need is a CCS – Constant Current Source. For LED newbies, I would recommend to start off reading lednique.com. Happy learning. Cheers. – tlfong01 3 mins ago    Edit   
  • 1You are confusing two things. LEDs and diodes aren’t constant current. They are constant voltage which means you can drive them with constant current supplies to ensure they do not burn out, because their voltage drop is constant and will make no attempts to change to limit current through them. – DKNguyen 2 mins ago 

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