pico no usb-c, no reset switch

Why Raspberry Pi Pico use micro-USB instead of USB-C? [closed]

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Raspberry Pi Pico have been released just about a month ago. That is year 2021, when USB-C connector is being used as a default and future proof option for many electronic devices since several years now, yet RPi Pico has been released with micro-USB connector instead.

To be fair generic RPi board versions had used micro-USB before, but have since switched to USB-C type connector for couple of years now (with Pi 4 Model B versions).

To me it seems to be counter productive to use connector which is becoming obsolete and having it already introduced in other boards. So there must be something else I don’t understand?usbusb-cpi-picoShareEditFollowReopenFlagasked yesterdayAlex10911 bronze badge New contributor

  • I read from rpi.org pico forum that the reason of not having a reset button and not usb-c connector is because of cost. I also read that a start up project is making an improved, but more expensive version (about US$12) version of pico and of course with reset button and usb-c connector. raspberrypi.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=144 – tlfong01 yesterday    
  • 1Not sure why the down votes. Question seem to be on topic and haven’t been asked before. Should I have mentioned I’m pretty new into RPi stuff? And while I’m tinkering with 3A+ I have I was checking Pi Pico and stumbled upon this question. – Alex yesterday
  • 3The down and close votes are because we are not the makers of the board (the Pi Foundation is) and hence can not say definitively why certain design decisions were made. – Steve Robillard yesterday
  • 3I have literally dozens of spare microUSB cables – I have no spare usbC cables – when Eben asked me what connector to use on the Pico, I pleaded with him to use the microUSB – that last part may not have happened – Jaromanda X yesterday
  • 2@JaromandaX: Perhaps you could use your considerable influence with the Foundation’s muckety-mucks to convince them to open-source more of the hardware & firmware? In fact – make this an “or else” demand! 🙂 – Seamus yesterday
  • 2@Seamus, Liz wears the pants, and she don’t listen to me :p but there’s other boards using RP2040 these days, do any of them have USB-C connector? 37 seconds to find one on google …. core-electronics.com.au/sparkfun-thing-plus-rp2040.html – interesting to note that the Arduino offering does NOT use USBC either – Jaromanda X yesterday 
  • 2To echo @SteveRobillard’s comments, your question is clearly opinion-based, and should have been closed. 4 downvotes seems a bit like “piling on” IMHO, but I think some here may be feeling frustration over what seems at times like a decrease in the quality of questions. We’re not generally a hostile group. – Seamus yesterday 

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