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tlfong017:15 AM[1] ZXLD1350 30V 350mA LED DRIVER with AEC-Q100 Product Info – Diodes.com

[2] ZXLD1350 30V 350mA LED DRIVER with AEC-Q100 Datasheet – Diodes.com
https://www.diodes.com/assets/Datasheets/ZXLD1350.pdf  5 hours later…


OYPS12:05 PM@tlfong01 thanks for your reply. I think your provided LED driver is quite good, but I do not feel comfortable with the maximum rating of 350mA. I have to be aware of the absolute worst case pulse forward current of up to 1A the LEDs can draw. I am currently prototyping the last schematic i send to verify it, but on behalf of LED drivers i would rather go with something like this: datasheet.lcsc.com/szlcsc/…  1 hour later…


tlfong011:33 PM@OYPS Yes, I very much agree with you about the 350mA limitation. On the other hand, I hesitate to support you on the P Marian circuit for a couple of reasons, including the following: (1) The driving transistor is power NPN BJT, which is very power inefficient, comparing with N-channel power MOSFET.(2) The circuit design looks a bit amateur or casual, eg, using MOSFET 2N7000 to control bipolar circuits, looks weird. (3) I am pretty sure that this seemingly not too professional circuit can be improved.Coming back to the buck concurrent source chip you suggested:LM3405 1.6-MHz, 1-A Constant Current Buck Regulator For Powering LEDS – TI, 2016
https://datasheet.lcsc.com/szlcsc/1809291613_Texas-Instruments-LM3405XMK-NOPB_C94835.pdf.@OYPS I am very glad that you have found this LED driver. I skimmed the datasheet and I am very impressed. All in all, for 1W/350mA, 3W/1A power LED applications, I would give your LM3405 five stars, and my ZXLD1350 only 4 stars.Both your and my recommendation have all the constant current source LED driver features I want, as highlighted in the following picture:

user image

My quick and dirty conclusion is that even my recommended ZXLD1350 can do 1A max, I still think your recommended LM3405 is the best, or almost perfect for your application.Ah, bed time. See you later. Cheers. 
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